Sunday, February 8, 2009

. . . of turkeys and colds

Yes, another cold. I have myself to blame. Not being a morning person has certain disadvantages. Like when the shower head spray won't adjust and so you are fiddling with it and thumping on it and pointing the thing towards your face when it suddenly decides to adjust and sends a pulsating jet of water into your face, nose and sinuses. I was awake then!
Later I was musing about the incident when it occurred to me that it's been said that domestic turkeys are so stupid that they have to be protected from the rain lest they look up and actually drown. Now maybe they aren't actually that stupid, but my move wasn't too intelligent either. DH suggested that perhaps it amounted to a self-waterboarding experiment.
Whatever it was, the force of the water up my nose left me in increasing discomfort for a few days and gradually turned into a miserable drippy, coughing cold. It really hit me Friday evening and resulted in my wimping out on a crafty weekend with friends. I was so disappointed not to have gone, but equally glad that I could be miserable in the comfort of my own home. Having a cold is no fun, and the weekend wouldn't have been fun for me or for my friends to deal with.

On a happier note: The DH's Sweater is nearly finished! I am done with the front, having knitted the last of it between coughing and sleeping over the last 2 days. Now I need to block everything, get the shoulders seamed and pick up the neckline stitches. A ribbed collar band, add the sleeves, seam the sides and it's done! Woo Hoo!

At this point I don't anticipate feeling well enough to go to work tomorrow; likewise not up to blocking a sweater either. It will have to wait.
Next project? No, not new. I am committed to finishing some of the things I have going before starting new. I began knitting an Einstein jacket a few years ago -- 2005 or '06. Same time as my "sensational shirttail" of Reynolds Lopi. The shirttail is long since finished and my jacket/coat of choice when temps hover around freezing. The Einstein needs finishing, so that will probably be next. It's lacking 1 1/4 sleeves and a collar. Not much if I get busy.

And then there's the spinning. I had planned on doing some this weekend. My wheel sits next to the basket packed with fibery goodness waiting patiently. It was ready to load in the car. It will have to join the queue.

No pix this post. It strikes me that Ms. Pixel was looking particularly evil in the previous post. Will have to do her justice with a kinder shot next time.

Until then . . .

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

Cats sunning in the garden window. That about sums up my accomplishments for today. We had friends over to watch the game, and aside from a bit of last-minute prep and straightening up, I mostly sat on my [chair] most of the day watching TV.
I did have one ambitious streak; I decided it was high time that I backed up my photo library to CDs before tragedy and an aging computer take control. I'd not backed up any of my pix except our trip to Scotland in 2005. Would you believe FIVE CDs of pictures??? I've got a 2GB card in my camera and recently had to erase that because it was full, so I guess it's not that surprising after all.
Yesterday I downloaded Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 as part of my latest (here we go again!) ADDventure. I'm fascinated by digital imaging and the computer manipulation of images. I picked up a magazine on the subject and decided to give it a try. The Adobe was cheap because it's "old" technology, and even if my experimenting is a failure, the program is an outstanding photo editing tool. The learning curve might be a bit steep, but lots of tutorials are available free or at very reasonable cost online. Sufficient time is the only thing I lack. I've not done any beading or jewelry lately, I have at least seven knitting projects on the needles, and I probably have enough fiber and fleece to bury my spinning wheel. Oh, and there's the sheep to shawl project that the spinning guild is doing and the 1860s costume that I need to come up with and the. . . . . Digital Art? Sure, no problem!
Oh, I did finish my squiggly scarf and wore it to work Friday. I have a photo of me with it wrapped round my head. It looks eerily like a fat and aging Baby Snooks. You will NOT see that photo here. Or it will be altered beyond recognition!
We all enjoyed the game tonight -- and several of the commercials (isn't that what the Superbowl is about?). Good food, as usual, was in abundance, and we ate 'til our tummies were hard and shiny. I'm not sure of the punctuation in that last sentence, but I had lots to eat and now it's time for bed.