Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Grand Canyon of the South. . .

We rode into Breaks Interstate Park where we had a room with a view! This is part of the panorama visible from our balcony.

The event we attended was another motorcycle-related affair, this one sponsored by a group of BMW R1200C Chromeheads. Emphasis was on the scenery (d'ya think??) and good riding. As first-timers at this particular rally, we met new friends and recognized a few faces from other events we've been to over the years.

I find myself once again taken by the incredible scenery. Here's the same view as above taken the next morning:

Now how can you not appreciate that?? A camera can only capture a bit of the moment, and my photos are an attempt to do that. Though far from professional, I think I don't do too badly. The moment is captured for me, and if sharing encourages just one person to look around and really see the true beauty of this earth, then I am happy. OK, enough of that rant.

Bunnies aside, we met this little fellow on the way to dinner, waiting patiently at the lodge dining room door:

Hmmmm. . . are those nose- and paw-prints and drooly smears on the glass? I think he might have been here before, huh?
And bold as brass. He let me get down right on his level and snap several pix: guess he thought he'd be compensated for his efforts. It didn't work. Later we heard that he was indeed a frequent visitor here and had a cache under the stairs. He takes food offered, runs down the stairs, stashes it and comes back for more. When no more treats are forthcoming he retreats to his treasures and stuffs himself. A clever creature. Cute, too.
The next night we were late getting in, and I decided to sit out on our balcony and watch the moon rise. Oh, my! How incredible.
Suddenly there was motion, rustling and foot-pattering. Startling, but obviously nothing large enough to pose an actual threat. I was highly amused to see a young racoon trundling along the balcony railing. Could have been the one in the picture, or a friend. He came up to where I was sitting, looked at me, turned around and headed back the way he had come. Do you think the scent of chocolate is attractive to raccoons, too?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Where Ya Been???

Whew! This Blogging stuff is hard work!

Seriously, my ADD self knew that when I started this blog, it'd be a challenge to keep up with on any kind of regular basis. I was right!

So many things to tell!

Actually I can't possibly remember them all, so it'll be hit and miss -- mostly miss, I"m afraid -- to catch up.

First, apologies to those who may have been following this blog. Many of you know me and that I am easily distracted, highly disorganized, try to do more things that I ought, take an awfully long time to do them, and . . . oh, well. I'm a bit of a lazy bitch at times, too. Oh, look! A bunny!

And so -- New Mexico was a memorable experience, hopefully to be revisited in the not-too-distant future. We'd like very much to retire there someday. Soon!

Where did the summer go? We got back from New Mexico, took a breather for a couple of weeks, then headed out on the bikes for another vacation. First to Buena Vista, VA for A Laid Back Affair, an annual gathering held by the NNMC. It's always a fun weekend, and this year with "Margaritaville" as its theme was no exception. Nice mountain riding, too!

We laid over for an extra day after the weekend, mostly to sober up and find/pack our stuff. Then off again to Cumberland Gap, TN to visit friends. Wonderful country there, and wonderful people too. The wildlife was a bit peculiar, though. Wild turkeys in particular.You'll have to turn sideways to view this properly (technically challenged tonite) and be sure your sound is turned on:

As I said, peculiar. We had a fabulous time, saw incredible mountain scenery, went to a yarn shop in Knoxville, ate yummy food and just had a fun time! Thanks, you two!

Time went by too quickly, and we were on the road again, this time to Breaks Interstate Park. Known as "The Grand Canyon of the South," this out-of-the-way little jewel sits on the VA/KY border. Did I say middle of nowhere?

Breaks will have to wait for another time, as it's getting very late and I have to (shudder!) work tomorrow.

And I now have an etsy shop! Ratbiker's Emporium at

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